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Smart speakers make your baby monitor vulnerable to hackers

New smart speaker technology can leave you open to hackers who can access connected devices like thermostats, baby monitors, web cams and recorders through the ‘smart skills apps’ that often have little or even no protection.

Concerns over dumping of CyberCrime from SCOMO's front bench

The Federal Government has downgraded its focus on cybercrime by moving ministerial responsibility out of Cabinet. Will this make it easier for cyber criminals?

Don't Be A Zucker For Facebook's Claims It Will Clean Up Its Act

Don't believe the promotion: Facebook is not your Nana’s kitchen, it's a business model that depends on personal information.

It's way too easy for hackers to watch your kids online at school

We get our kids to school and think that at least they are safe there. Within school boundaries. Schools have fences, but there on line barriers are mostly weak. Hackers can get into classrooms with ease, to watch...and perhaps engage.

When you discover your child is being cyber-bullied

It's a sickening feeling for parents. You assume everything's fine about your kids...It's only later you find out, sometimes in the worst way that they’ve been the victim of cyber bullying.

Concerns Smart Speakers Are Compiling Profiles On Your Kids

With rise of Smart Speaker technology such as Amazon’s ‘Alexa’, new research has raised serious questions over how much information on children is being collected, recorded and shared by online companies without parental consent.

Police need resources to track identity thieves

NSW Police don't have the funding or the expertise to adequately investigate and prosecute cyber identity thieves, so they can continue to steal with very little risk of being caught.

Australians the easy target for identity theft

A new report has found that identity theft is set to boom in Australia, with potentially one in four Australian online shoppers targeted by hackers. The report also found that Australians are far more vulnerable to the impact of cyber-fraud than shoppers in the US and Europe.

Data Breach Reporting is here - is your organisation ready for it?

New research has found that thousands of small to medium Australian businesses are not prepared for the Federal Government’s new ‘Data Breach Reporting Guidelines’ that come into effect today.

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