Cyber Security Presentation Topics

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For the Board

  • Cyber Security – The Imperative for the Board
  • Achieving Successful Cyber Security Risk Management
  • The Role of Enterprise Risk and Audit in relation to Cyber Security – Keeping the Board Informed
  • Changing Organisational Culture to achieve Cyber Security Goals
  • The Cultural Mindset needed to protect the Organisation from Cyber Security Threats
  • Critical Cyber Security Mistakes and Traps


  • Are your Corporate Strategy and Cyber Security Goals aligned?
  • The Balance between Enablement / Usability and Cyber Security
  • Improving the Organisation’s Cyber Security Posture whilst retaining Customer Trust and enhancing the Customer Experience
  • Cyber Security for Competitive Advantage (or as Differentiator)
  • Cyber Security – A Never Ending Story – Why threats just keep on coming
  • How must Cyber Security evolve to deal with new and emerging Threats – A Scenario
  • Human Nature – The Hidden Factor impacting your Cyber Security Posture
  • It’s all about managing your Organisation’s Risk Exposure


  • Leading the charge to achieve Cyber Security Goals
  • What are suitable targets and KPI’s for Cyber Security
  • Prioritizing Cyber Security Projects and Initiatives for Success
  • The Importance of Incident Management for Operational Resilience
  • Protecting your Data – the most Valuable Asset


  • Holistic Corporate Governance for Cyber Security
  • Assessing whether Cyber Security is operating Effectively and Efficiently
  • Does the Governance Structure align with the Cyber Security Strategy?
  • Policies and Procedures – what should you do?
  • The need for speed in Cyber Security Decision-Making and Approvals


  • Developing and Executing the Cyber Security Strategy
  • An Overview of the Cyber Security Market Place – Who are the key Vendors/Suppliers of Products and Services?
  • Establishing a Successful Cyber Security Team / Function – Critical Success Factors
  • Recruiting a CISO that will succeed and prosper inside your Organisation
  • Building the Cyber Security Team
  • Developing a Roadmap / Plan for Cyber Security and Delivering Results
  • Managing Project in Cyber Security – Difference and Critical Success Factors
  • Hiring Hackers is not a Silver Bullet


  • The Security Operating Centre
  • The importance of an Enterprise Security Architecture