Cyber Security

Demystifying cyber security
for CEOs, Directors and managers

CISOaaS* and Principal Cyber Security Adviser Packages

  • Fiercely Independent Advice
  • Perform the CISO Role on an As-Needed Basis
  • Facilitate and Support Decision Making Process for the Board

*Chief Information Security Officer as a Services (CISOaaS)

Board and Executive Advisory

  • Demystifying Cyber Security – The Imperative for the Board
  • The Board Perspective:
    • Advisory Services with respect to Governance, Strategy, Risk Exposure, Cyber Resilience, Cyber Maturity and Organisational Culture
    • Review and Assessment of Operational Resilience, Cyber Security Maturity, Risk Exposure, Incident Response, Policies & Procedures, and Readiness/Preparation
    • Business Process, Standards and Technology Advisory

Consulting including Change Management

  • Define the Journey (Three Year Strategic Plan/Roadmap)
  • Clearly Outline/Specify Targets or Destination
  • Monitor Progress and Advise
  • Cyber Security Consulting covering Technology, Procurement and Sourcing, Commercials

 Corporate Training & Events

  • Workshops, Reviews, Training Courses, Presentations, Interactive Sessions, Panel Discussions, Corporate Events, Motivational, Problem Resolution Facilitation, and other
  • Please click here for a list of sample topics (or areas of coverage).