Category: Data protection

Don't Be A Zucker For Facebook's Claims It Will Clean Up Its Act

Don't believe the promotion: Facebook is not your Nana’s kitchen, it's a business model that depends on personal information.

It's Way Too Easy For Hackers To Watch Your Kids Online At School

As a parent, it scares me to think that someone might be watching my kids at school. Waiting. Scanning.  Not on the street, but over the digital highway.

Greater Protection Needed For Digital Personal Medical Records

The ‘Dark Web’ sounds like something invented by Hollywood; the title of a B grade science fiction movie. Unfortunately,

Concerns Smart Speakers Are Compiling Profiles On Your Kids

With rise of Smart Speaker technology such as Amazon’s ‘Alexa’, new research has raised serious questions over how much information on children is being collected, recorded and shared by online companies without parental consent.

Police not resourced to chase on line thieves

If you've been ripped off on line for perhaps $30,000, you're probably  in for some bad news: it may be that the police aren't even going to try to catch your perpetrator. Cases involving less than $50,000 just aren't being pursued, due to lack of resources.

Amazon's hack job a safety risk

The Daily Telegraph (19th January 2018) reports on the security risks of Amazon's new virtual helper.

Firms face $2m data breach fines

The Australian (22nd February 2018) shook many businesses into action by headlining the potential multi-million dollar fines for data breaches, under new legislation.

NSW Budget Submission on police funding for cyber crime

Cyber identity theft is increasing in NSW. In the June 2018 Budget, the NSW Government should commit significant funding to the NSW Police for the purposes of clamping down on the growing problem of cyber identity theft. Police cybercrime faculties are under resourced and unable to adequately investigate and prosecute cyber identity theft perpetrated on the general public.

Research briefing: Funding police to fight cyber crime

The incidence of identity theft is booming. Unfortunately, very few criminals are caught and prosecuted: under-resourced police can’t track down your identity thief. So how do we make it harder for hackers to steal your identity?

Data Breach Reporting is here - is your organisation ready for it?

New research has found that thousands of small to medium Australian businesses are not prepared for the Federal Government’s new ‘Data Breach Reporting Guidelines’ that come into effect today.