Category: Exploitation

School wifi networks "easily penetrated"

Most school wifi networks can be easily penetrated by hackers, giving them access to private communications and videos and possibly enabling paedophiles to contact children directly.

Schools an easy mark for cyberspace predators

School budgets are always tight, but parents need to know that their children are safe at school and not being exposed to or exploited by cyberspace predators. More needs to be done.

Concerns Smart Speakers Are Compiling Profiles On Your Kids

With rise of Smart Speaker technology such as Amazon’s ‘Alexa’, new research has raised serious questions over how much information on children is being collected, recorded and shared by online companies without parental consent.

Cyber warfare now a fact of life

What else are they up to? They didn't create and invest huge amounts of money just for political reasons or to interfere in elections. They are after much more.