Category: Data protection

On-line COVID-19 response threatened by cyber crims

Australian businesses are relying more on digital interfaces to counter the COVID-19 shut downs, but cyber crime is on the rise and experts are warning of increased risks that must becountered.

Checklist for safe working at home

Working from home may expose you and your employer to greater Cyber Security risks: download this helpful security checklist.

You are the cash cow Google, Amazon and Facebook are milking

It’s hard to stomach multi-billion dollar tech giants complaining about user privacy when their business models are built on selling your personal information.

Tech giants cry crocodile tears over our privacy

The Google, Amazon and Facebook busines model is to gather information about you and sell it. Is that why they are opposing proposed laws to all police access to paedophile and terrorist communications?

Scary "social credits" to track "good citizenship"

We look to the US to see where technology will go next: perhaps we should look to China to see where mining of our personal data will go next. The Chinese government is using the techniques of Google and Facebook to tighten its grip on its citizen's lives.

Hacker victim watches his life dissolve on screen

Dylan was actually on Facebook when his account was hacked: he watched the text on screen change to Arabic. Then things got worse...

Smart speakers can be used to hack your world

The expanding risks of Smart Speakers and "smart skills" apps – and what you can do to protect yourself.

Smart speakers make your baby monitor vulnerable to hackers

New smart speaker technology can leave you open to hackers who can access connected devices like thermostats, baby monitors, web cams and recorders through the ‘smart skills apps’ that often have little or even no protection.

Channel 7 NEWS clip: smart speaker hacking

In Australia, there are 1.5m smart home devices like Amazon's Alexa and Google Home, covering 12% of households, but the smarter the home the more inviting it is to hackers. Hacked devices can reveal what you've been saying and what your passwords are.

Don't Be A Zucker For Facebook's Claims It Will Clean Up Its Act

Don't believe the promotion: Facebook is not your Nana’s kitchen, it's a business model that depends on personal information.