Nobody’s safe. Not even children?

Fun and games – but children on line are often targeted

Most children use tablet computers, smart phones,  mobile devices and laptops from a very early age. Laptops are compulsory in some schools from about year 5 or 6 onwards. And yet not all schools (even private ones) secure networks properly. 

They don’t maintain security certificates up to date, do not regularly scan for vulnerabilities, and don’t have the cyber qualified IT staff or the cyber security skills needed.

Most significant threats include threats from other children misbehaving because they can do so anonymously. Not to mention the threat of addiction to games, cyber bullying resulting in suicide or other damage, and plain and simply health threats (such as developing myopia).

What do you need to do to keep children safe? What are the signs? How will you know if your child is impacted or in trouble?

Watch this space for the full story …

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