Training and consulting

If you would like Sorin to present, deliver a speech, discuss a particular Cyber Security and/or Digital Transformation topic, take your executive through a Cyber Security Overview for the Board workshop, or participate in a Conference, Corporate Event, Strategic Review Workshop or other company sponsored event please contact us.

You can see a list of presentation formats further down this page.
You can see a list of subjects Sorin can speak/train/consult on, also further down this page.
You can learn more about demystifying IT (especially cyber security) for CEOs, Directors and senior managers> by clicking here.
And you can download the Cyber security demystified brochure.

Presentation formats

Sorin offers your choice of:

  • Presentations (from 15 minutes to 2 hours)
  • Seminars (times to suit the event)
  • Workshops (from 1 hour to two days for up to 20 participants)
  • Advisory/consulting (daily rate through to 4-week engagement package and ongoing, scheduled time)
  • Issue intervention and resolution (deal with specific roadblocks, unresolved internal conflict, projects off-the-rails)

Each will be customised to your needs and can include:

  • Participant notes and workbooks, further resources
  • Availability for associated media
  • Written report with recommendations and action steps (recommended for workshops)
  • Material you can include in internal and external communications that will help demonstrate and position your company on IT and cyber security
  • Programmed follow up, review and reinforcement
  • One-on-one follow up and coaching

The scope, objectives and content of all services are discussed and agreed with you in advance, to ensure you get the knowledge, impact and change that you want.

Presentation subjects

Some examples:


  • Cyber Security – The Imperative for the Board
  • Achieving Successful Cyber Security Risk Management
  • The Role of Enterprise Risk and Audit in relation to Cyber Security – Keeping the Board Informed
  • Changing Organisational Culture to achieve Cyber Security Goals
  • The Cultural Mindset needed to protect the Organisation from Cyber Security Threats
  • Critical Cyber Security Mistakes and Traps


  • Are your Corporate Strategy and Cyber Security Goals aligned?
  • The Balance between Enablement / Usability and Cyber Security
  • Improving the Organisation’s Cyber Security Posture whilst retaining Customer Trust and enhancing the Customer Experience
  • Cyber Security for Competitive Advantage (or as Differentiator)
  • Cyber Security – A Never Ending Story – Why threats just keep on coming
  • How must Cyber Security evolve to deal with new and emerging Threats – A Scenario
  • Human Nature – The Hidden Factor impacting your Cyber Security Posture
  • It’s all about managing your Organisation’s Risk Exposure


  • Leading the charge to achieve Cyber Security Goals
  • What are suitable targets and KPI’s for Cyber Security
  • Prioritizing Cyber Security Projects and Initiatives for Success
  • The Importance of Incident Management for Operational Resilience
  • Protecting your most Valuable Asset: Data


  • Holistic Corporate Governance for Cyber Security
  • Assessing whether Cyber Security is operating Effectively and Efficiently
  • Does the Governance Structure align with the Cyber Security Strategy?
  • Policies & Procedures: what should you do?
  • The need for speed in Cyber Security Decision-Making and Approvals


  • Developing and Executing the Cyber Security Strategy
  • An Overview of the Cyber Security Market Place – Who are the key Vendors/Suppliers of Products and Services?
  • Establishing a Successful Cyber Security Team / Function – Critical Success Factors
  • Recruiting a CISO that will succeed and prosper inside your Organisation
  • Building the Cyber Security Team
  • Developing a Roadmap / Plan for Cyber Security and Delivering Results
  • Managing Project in Cyber Security – Difference and Critical Success Factors
  • Hiring Hackers is not a Silver Bullet


  • The Security Operating Centre
  • The importance of an Enterprise Security Architecture
  • Critical Cyber Security Technology Products and Services