About Executive

Xpotentia’ Principal Consultant is Sorin Toma, CISM, MAICD, MAIPM, MIEEE

He is also the Principal Adviser – Cyber Security at the University of NSW.
He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree (Electronics and Scientific Instrumentation) from Griffith University Brisbane and a Graduate Diploma in Electrical Engineering (Computer Systems Engineering) from the University of Technology Sydney. He is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, the Australian Institute of Project Management, and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

Sorin has 30 years industry experience as a senior ICT Executive. He is a very effective leader.

He specialises in Cyber Security (Board Level Engagement and Strategy), Turnarounds and Digital Transformation using business and technology innovation. He thinks and delivers both strategically and tactically and has in depth experience in IT in Utilities, Telecommunications, Healthcare, and Government and Education.

As Leader, his role is to align and support, if not drive, corporate strategy, leverage and exploit the rate of technological change to business advantage while managing its risks and lead and taking his team on the journey.

Sorin builds highly effective teams. He is commercially and technically astute and possessess strong business acumen.

He is extremely strong in stakeholder engagement and management and experienced in large scale outsourced vendor management.

Sorin Toma is a safe pair of hands. He delivers!


Email sorin@xpotentia.com or phone him direct on 0419 631 023.


Why am I doing this?

(Comment by Sorin Toma)

Why am I spending so much time preparing articles and new for this website?

  1. Raise public awareness regarding Cyber Security e.g. the dangers involved, so that typical normal individuals and organisations – consumers, households and business – can take appropriate action to better protect themselves.
  2. Make it harder for hackers/criminals to break into other people’s computers and steal their data, identity, and/or other valuable information or materials.
  3. Influence product manufacturers to design safer more secure hardware, software, networks, mobile devices, cloud platforms, and computer accessories.
  4. Influence governments to:
    • Implement more timely and pertinent measures to assist those of us that have suffered fraudulent attacks in Cyber Space – such as Identity Theft – namely fund the Fraud Squad in the Police Department to work more than just 9am – 5pm, give them greater powers, and improved tools/capabilities (most of the time the criminals seem to have more rights than the victim), and
    • Develop better more relevant legislation to ensure all organisations are responsible for protecting their customers data, identity, and ultimately interests and well-being.

We, as a community – including businesses, education, government and private individuals and families – are facing a very serious threat to our security, well-being and way of life, but we are sweeping the issue under the table.  Eighteenth century Irish statesman Edmund Burke is credited with the quote, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” Doing nothing is not an option for me.

Email sorin@xpotentia.com or phone him direct on 0419 631 023.